12/16/01 01:30:17 AM     12/16/01 01:09:07 AM  
burzita (chile)   PAULO COLOMÉS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
hey master... why did you had to die....god...this things shouldn't happen or should they? no :( hope you are allright in heaven.. rest in peace you'll memory will remain forever   GOD IS DEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FUUUCCCCKKK!!! I'm really cryng OUT!!
12/16/01 01:30:10 AM     12/16/01 01:08:38 AM  
Eugenio Zhmen.................. Ukraine   Andrew (Ix-Xiby)
We'll always keep you in our memories, Chuck! Forever. †††   Sad day indeed. Chuck, borther of mine, you won't understand the pleasure you gave me when I heard your music. To me you were God nad now you are gone. Gone from the face of the earth but not from my heart. We'll miss you all and I just want to assure you that METAL WILL NEVER DIE.
12/16/01 01:29:36 AM     12/16/01 01:08:29 AM  
Andrea (Italy)   Davide Marinucci
mi raccomando!! onore al tuo Metal!! per sempre ovunque   I've lost a brother... Bye Chuck... You will live forever in my heart... You wrote an important page of my life... thank you... CHUCK RULES!!!
12/16/01 01:28:59 AM     12/16/01 01:08:26 AM  
Anonymous Surfer   Brett Patterson aka The Final Chapter
R.I.P. Chuck, scream bloody gore forever!   Right now I'm listening to "The Sound of Perseverance" and I wonder how could someone so talented die so young. I hope you are somewhere better, Chuck. Best regards to you and your family. Your music shall never die.
12/16/01 01:28:23 AM     12/16/01 01:08:11 AM  
Camolas   Antonio Jesus (Pyosisified)(Portugal)
For all the teachings that you left us, journey well to the other side brother, and know that the music you made will be cherished by all of us in metal and maybe one day, out of it. Though you adventure now in the final mystery, we on this side will never forget all you´ve gave us. Thank you and rest in peace, knowing that your mission is fulfilled...   "i close my eyes;and sink within myself;relive the gift of precious memories" can i forget the feeling that he gave me with his musics???? thank you Chuck Schuldiner
12/16/01 01:27:15 AM     12/16/01 01:07:57 AM  
Edwin Tesslhoff   Alexander Halford
Goodbye Chuck. Rest In Peace   Peace and silence,brother. You will live in our hearts. Return to serenity...
12/16/01 01:26:37 AM     12/16/01 01:07:12 AM  
Adrian Camilleri   mike mcgilvry
Dear Chuck,

Thankyou for being who you were. Your genius was inspiration for many, and will continue to be, myself included. Your passing came like shock to all of us as we hoped silently in our hearts with you that all would be over in the best of ways. Sadly, a light in the dark for many had to burn out, but not without first lighting many small others. And this is the reason why you still live on.

  just as i started to get into your music you pass away. my prayers go out to friends and family whom you;ve left behind. your contributions to the metal world and your influence will live on long after your death. i am deeply saddened by your death as are many others; may you rest in peace; and may god help to guide those whom you left behind. sincerely michael mcgilvry
12/16/01 01:26:00 AM     12/16/01 01:07:11 AM  
Ignacio R.   Sebastjan Zupan - ZUBi (Slovenia)
Everything has to end, nothing is eternal, just the legacy that chuck has left us, a true example of what human evolution can achive... metal will no longer be the same without Chuck..   I have survive cancer (once) in my childhood (when I was 11 (now 30) & spend 1 year in hospital) & I know what is like... Chuck, R.I.P.
12/16/01 01:25:53 AM     12/16/01 01:06:46 AM  
Jordan Baumhardt   Kaiius
The metal community has just lost a god. It is just amazing that Chuck died 1 year after my grandfather did on the same day. Now I have to definitely remember December 13. My prayers go out to Chuck's family, friends, and fans throughout the world. Chuck will always be remembered. R.I.P. Chuck Schuldiner   Chucky, you gave us the better testimony you could give with all your records. You were a God of Metal, You still a God of Metal, You'll ever be a God of Metal. Thx for all and RIP, brother.
12/16/01 01:25:19 AM     12/16/01 01:06:45 AM  
Stéphane Paré   Patrick Fuchs
Nooooooooo! why! why! I can't believe this... Chuck!!!!! The metal world is in mourning. rest in peace my friend. please do some music up there, so I can enjoy your music when I'm going to reach you up there... R.I.P.   I have not listened too often to Death-Metal, but I read a lot about DEATH and CONTROL DENIED. I think that Chuck was a very true and honest musician. I wish the the very best for the fans, the bandmates of Chuck's 2 bands and his familly. May Chuck rest in piece.
12/16/01 01:25:03 AM     12/16/01 01:06:37 AM  
Empereur GHOULE   ddiamond
Chuck brought us Death, Death bought back Chuck... hope You give great shows over there, fellow.   Chuck You were a music genius!!! We will all be missing You. I hope You will find your rest on the other side...
12/16/01 01:24:42 AM     12/16/01 01:05:53 AM  
Deicide   Digital_man
† Chuck Schuldiner † DECEMBER 13, etat den budit atmechin kak chorni den vavseh kalendaryah patamushta v etat den umir velikii chelavek katori izminil nashe panyatie o chezolai muziki i smog sdelat eio lutshe. O Chacke budut vspaminat kak o legendi miravova metala, on vsegda budit zit vnashih serdtsah i vsegda budit snami v nashih mislyah i vnashih deistviyah. Da hranit tibya AZAZEL nash daragoi Chack i puskai zemlya stanit tibe puham.   Dead but dreaming....................
12/16/01 01:23:48 AM     12/16/01 01:05:47 AM  
Mark Scott   Fabio (Italy)
Wow.. What do I say? If it werent for me purchasing Symbolic in 1997, I would have never had gotten into Death Metal. Thank you so very very much Chuck for giving us the many, yet so very few, years of music. We'll miss you Chuck.   This is true, unfortunately....lead my axe were the will be the best. R.I.P.
12/16/01 01:22:51 AM     12/16/01 01:04:17 AM  
Jefferson Pinesso, Brazil   Jared Gardner
Goodbye Chuck, we never forget you!! Thank You for all your inspiration and dedication!!   This is really sad. I'm only 16 and Chuck inspires me at such a young age. I hope Chuck got the letter I wrote him a few months ago. Chucks music will always influence me. R.I.P Chuck.
12/16/01 01:22:37 AM     12/16/01 01:03:42 AM  
DanCyst   Son Of Symbolic
Rest In Peace, Chuck. Your music cleared the path for so many others, and has become etched into our memories forever. We will never forget you, for we are all eternally in your debt.   You're my soul Chuck.You're my life.Your body is dead but your soul will never die..You're my personal God.The Gods are immortal and you will never die. R.I.P. CHUCK.Thank you for all. And remember support music not rumors...
12/16/01 01:22:30 AM     12/16/01 01:02:59 AM  
Julio Schuldiner   Desecrate
Envuelto en lagrimas expreso mis sentimientos en estas palabras... Chuck todos estos años fuiste el mejor para mi, alguien digno de imitar.Junte cada uno de tus discos, tu musica es la carga diaria de energia y lo sera por siempre. Antes de partir sentiste el cariño de todo el mundo ahora sientes la tristeza de todos, tu musica, tu espiritu y tu rostro, ese rostro que reflejaba el amor por la musica estará en cada metalero amante de tus Riff&Solos, sonidos que llegaron muyu dentro de mi alma (voice of the soul) Mi mas sentido pesame a la familia Schuldiner, cada lagrima de nosotros son para ustedes tambien, nadie ocupara su lugar en el metal nadie lo podra igualar, un gran musico, un verdadero amigo de todos, un simbolo en el metal... Chuck Schuldiner será siempre recordado como un genio, un heroe y una gran persona.   Now World have no "True", I'm in Pain and will be till Death(with DEATH) Rest in Peace CHUCK
12/16/01 01:22:28 AM     12/16/01 01:02:29 AM  
milhouse   egressio
12/16/01 01:22:15 AM     12/16/01 01:02:21 AM  
Darko   Matos
My music idol is gone.. forever! Dear Chuck, your music lives on and brings you to life every time I hear it... If not in body, you're present thru your magical music... What's to say except "only the good die young"! Condolences go to family, his bandmates and friends... He will be greatly missed! R.I.P. dear Chuck   Sympathy goes to the family and friends, Eternal respect is due to to the artist who's spirit will remain alive in all of us...
12/16/01 01:21:32 AM     12/16/01 01:01:54 AM  
Dave Torrons - ITALY   kloman
Death metal is dead, but you will live forever in my heart. rest in peace chuck!   Words cannot express how much of an impact that Chuck had on the music scene. He created such great music and was one of the best gutarist ever. Chuck you will always be in our hearts. R.I.P.
12/16/01 01:21:24 AM     12/16/01 01:01:45 AM  
Thoth   Maxim Rojas
Scream Bloody Gore ... forever   Yo soy de CR Chuck donde quieras que estes que la pases de lo mejor lo mereces. Death fue el mejor grupo DEATH de todos los tiempos, mis condolencias a su familia
12/16/01 01:21:22 AM     12/16/01 01:01:33 AM  
Omero Nunez   Joao Lopes
Your music has been there for me in hardest of times and in the best of times, for that I thank you Chuck. You are one that will never be forgotten....R.I.P.   ...
12/16/01 01:21:01 AM     12/16/01 01:00:29 AM  
Ismaeel   JM
May God have mercy on your soul,I ran out of words,that was a real shock for me,We wont ever forget you Chuck and your unforgotable art lasts in our hearts.   What a shame, my sympathies to his family and friends. It's terrible when someone who affected so many in a great way, has to struggle to get the help they need.
12/16/01 01:20:10 AM     12/16/01 12:59:28 AM  
Eric   gustavo garcia godos salazar(estigma2001)
One of the greatest musical minds of our time. He created a form of music so raw and aggresive that no one had seen anything like it before, and completely changed the shape of metal. R.I.P. Brother   Bye metal bro, we are gonna miss you, solo en tu nombre el metal no morira
12/16/01 01:19:26 AM     12/16/01 12:59:26 AM  
Evo   ferdaves
12/16/01 01:19:18 AM     12/16/01 12:59:17 AM  
Jorge Viani   Sylvain / Anthemon
This notice really shoked me, I was visiting many sites and I had the idea to visit the EMPTY WORDS to check about any news about Chuck´s health. This notice really got me. This is a dark day to Metal. It´s the day that a genius left the stage forever. Good Luck Chuck   My deepest thoughts go to chuck's relatives and friends. None of the bands using growls or guitar harmonies in extreme music would be there without Mr Shuldiner's genius. Let him go on living though the music all of us cherish Let the metal flow
12/16/01 01:19:15 AM     12/16/01 12:59:14 AM  
SARCOMA - Chile   Pedro Faria
Tu muerte a dejado vacíos los corazones de muchos, sin embargo, tu legado permanecerá por siempre...

Your death has empty many hearts, and despite you are not with us anymore, your legacy will last forever…

Nuestras más sinceras condolencias a la familia y amigos de este gran maestro.

  Rest In Peace Your Music Will Live on...See You In The Next Life! DEATH RULES SUPREME!!!
12/16/01 01:18:48 AM     12/16/01 12:58:43 AM  
Jose Antonio   Chris Verish
não tenho palavras pra descrever como estou me sentindo agora...... sinto-me como se tivesse perdido um de meus amigos mais proximos....... gostaria de desejar a família Schuldiner, muita força para suportar o momento, pois apesar da perda, a vida continua...... Chuck sua genialidade não será esquecida jamais, a maneira com que suas palavras me tocaram é algo que somente eu sei!!! esteja aonde estiver continue deixando o metal fluir, assim como nós continuaremos fazendo! descanse em paz mestre!!   My thoughts and prayers go out to Chuck's family and friends. I can't say I knew him, but I was fortunate enough to get to see Chuck play with Death live four different times. His music and memory will live on. This is a sad day.
12/16/01 01:16:56 AM     12/16/01 12:58:37 AM  
jokke , sweden   Pedro Félix da Costa (Portugal)
No more with us, but forever in memory and music. Hail to one of the greatest.   The plug has been pulled on you my friend. You will forever live in our hearts, Death will never erase the master of Death. A special thanks goes to your mother and father, you have given us all a lot by bring your son to life. Your pain is our pain.
12/16/01 01:16:47 AM     12/16/01 12:57:05 AM  
Tris   fantom
It's a real sad day for every Metalfan in the world.. I think we all know what Chuck did or us.. We'll never forget. Rest in peace, brother   Thats an horrible news.... all my condolenscence to Chucks family,friends and also Death members... soo sad..:(
12/16/01 01:16:34 AM     12/16/01 12:57:02 AM  
Matteo   BlackMoon
Goodbye   RIP
12/16/01 01:16:32 AM     12/16/01 12:56:45 AM  
Yvan Ratelle   METAL ROB
I am myself a metal guitar player and composer. I always believed Chuck was among the last of his kind to write pure roots metal, the way it was meant to be. The loss to me is greater than one would imagine, for he was an icon not only to the music genre, but also as a human being. Although remains all of his works and music for us to appreciate, and listen, on and on, I can only pray his words touched souls in need, as he did mine.

I will continue to carry the flame I am convinced he also believed in, and keeps the pure roots alive through my own music as I always did.

Thank you Chuck for the inspiration, for sharing. You will be remembered.
Yvan Ratelle
12/16/01 01:16:14 AM     12/16/01 12:56:27 AM  
Danny Nelson   Icepick
At a time when we all thought metal was at its prime, Death came on to the scene! Changing the way we listen & play to the extreme. "Scream Bloody Gore" influenced all in death metal to bring the music to the next step in brutality. Take care brother, All in Malignancy   This is a sad day in not only the metal world, but to everyone. I hope his family is strong, and dealing with this loss as best as they can. I have lost several relatives to cancer and it's such sorrow to see them leave us, but we know that they're in no more pain, and in a better place. Chuck turned me onto this kind of music, and for that I'd like to thank him. Rest well, chuck.
12/16/01 01:15:39 AM     12/16/01 12:56:26 AM  
LUIS   lost
EL PAPA DEL METAL , SU MUSICA SIEMPRE SERA RECORDADA E INFLUIRA A MILLONES.   metal needed you then and always will, but you have inspired others to play on....for that you will always be remembered......
12/16/01 01:15:37 AM     12/16/01 12:56:21 AM  
Dave   Mauricio Gutierrez Caballero
Heartfelt sorrow to the family and friends of Chuck Schuldiner. His influence on music with the development of an entire genre will not be forgotten. Rest in peace.   what can i say??? the best musical genius to ever lived has just passed away... you're the greates Chuck.... you will be missed Chuck.. really sad day for the metal...
12/16/01 01:15:36 AM     12/16/01 12:55:44 AM  
Alex Kenis (crutch)   James B Beavan III
I wanted to thank everyone who supported Chuck in his darkest times. I wish that I could have been there, he changed my life with his music and his words and gentle spirit. Thank you   To Chuck the Great: My friend of metal you will be missed by all. Your story and death brings tears to our eyes, but your music will live on. You are now a legend, and now no one can take that away. Thank you for the great memories and your dedication to the music you loved. Perhaps one day we shall meet again.......
12/16/01 01:15:29 AM     12/16/01 12:55:40 AM  
Jason Mediate   Josh
Rest In Peace, brother. Your music inspired so many. Showing the world how metal is supposed to be done! Peace and God bless.   Thanks for the music. It's a shame the US healthcare system is prioritized as it is.
12/16/01 01:15:15 AM     12/16/01 12:54:59 AM  
Lucio   Silkie
For all metal friends, Chcuck would like see power and union, forever! keep the ancient flames burning!!!!!   Words can't express the sadness, R.I.P. Chuck.
12/16/01 01:15:10 AM     12/16/01 12:53:55 AM  
Joao Wrobel   St. James Negroponte
It feels awkward to write here since I didn't really know Chuck or Death very well. But I'll certainly never forget them.   Chuck, non poterti più sapere vivo, non poter più ascoltare la tua anima in musica, tutto ciò è un dolore senza confini, che mi getta nell'oscurità degli abissi più discosti, perdendo per sempre l'eco del tuo sorriso! È la fine!
12/16/01 01:14:47 AM     12/16/01 12:53:50 AM  
serdar from Ankara,Turkey   John-Night Of The Realm
sadness..rage against god if god exists?.. your words are in my veins..your solos in my heart.. so I am still with you so are the other fans.. R.I.P   My thoughts and condolences go out to Chuck's family, friends, and bandmates. I regret not becoming a fan of Death earlier. Now I will not be able to witness their live show. Rest In Peace, Chuck, you are a brother to all Metalheads. Your memory will always live on in your great music. Metal Rules!
12/16/01 01:14:34 AM     12/16/01 12:53:14 AM  
Vrashtar   Zasta hammer
R.I.P Chuck you are the best!!!   when the big thunder's only after the impact we realize how big is the loss.... keep the metal faith alive, as he said.
12/16/01 01:14:28 AM     12/16/01 12:53:01 AM  
Sean   Centurion
Thank you Chuck for inspiring me! You were a very gifted person- a creative wonder. I recall spending hours listening to Spiritual Healing, watching the "Ultimate Revenge 2", and attending your shows. I thank you for these fond memories. You will be greatly missed. Rest In Peace.   God is dead.
12/16/01 01:14:19 AM     12/16/01 12:52:19 AM  
Jeff Jacobus   Nightchords
If it wasn't for Chuck, a vast array of some of the best music ever (metal) would have been unknown to me. Chuck will remain in my heart and in my mind until they "Pull the Plug". My deepest condolences go out to Chuck's family in mourning. Please stay strong. :( :(   You changed the way people look at metal music. Every album was leaps and bounds ahead of its time. You will be missed by every musician and fan.
12/16/01 01:13:54 AM     12/16/01 12:52:02 AM  
Dennis   Dave "Witchfynder" Silk
What to say? Hope u can make some noise where ever u are.. CYA...   Have fun wherever you are now Chuck! Maybe I'll see you in a few years.
12/16/01 01:13:49 AM     12/16/01 12:52:02 AM  
spirit crusher   Brodie-Dude
ive lost a alot of family and friends in the past,but i must tell you chuck,even thought we never even met, i feel a great loss,like you were family, all of our family,your music was theraputic and uplifting, its got us all through many tough times and for that we thank you Chuck.I also would like to thank every musicain who helped bring out the creative genius that was death,you are all gods!!to the family .... we all love you and prey for you in this this difficult time. FLY THE FLAG OF METAL AT HALF MAST FOR CHUCK! METAL LIVES!!!   I haven't the words.. Chuck, though I never knew him, but had the immense pleasure of shaking his hand, has shaped me in so many ways. I first heard DEATH when I was 13, 10 years ago. I grew up with Death.. I am honored to be able to carry your memory always.
12/16/01 01:13:11 AM     12/16/01 12:51:41 AM  
Josh, Riana, Wopke   Doomdeath
Exceptions are a common fact of life, except that there are no exceptions when it comes to living. Some things just aren't 'justified'...Thanks for a lot of music, inspiration and hours well spent trying to play like you. You will not be forgotten!!! Condoleances go out to the family, friends, bandmembers and anyone that feels he/she should receive condoleances.   i still can not believe the loss of BACH of metal i am so sorry:( i wish her family and the metalheads patience we loved death metal with you and will love it with your music. god forgive you chuck RIP one of your great fan :DOOMDEATH from turkey
12/16/01 01:12:20 AM     12/16/01 12:51:02 AM  
Bill (Logan)   Lord der Reue
My thoughts go out to Chuck's Family and closest friends. If the metal worlds loss is great, theirs is greater. Your music was an inspiration to others..let that not be in vain.   Chuck was my greatest musical inspiration. His music was, and will always be, what drives me and my own music career. Metal, and music in general, are poorer for having lost one of their true treasures, but will forever be richer for the many treasures he gave us while he walked with us. Chuck, you will be greatly missed.
12/16/01 01:12:20 AM     12/16/01 12:50:41 AM  
Joseba   Lasher
I am still shocked by these horrible news. The world has lost one of the most talented musicians. My condolences to his family and friends. I will keep listening to your fantastic music. R.I.P. Chuck.   in every breath i hear the silent whisper of your every every thought. you make my water into wine.remember,iam every thine.
12/16/01 01:11:08 AM     12/16/01 12:50:15 AM  
Camila Macedo-Brazil   Peter J.
To Chuck's family , friends and all that loves the Death/Control Denied music. And loves this mentor: Chuck... And I know that Chuck will be alive through his music... Chuck lost the fight for his live , but I know that he never die in our minds , hearts and souls. Chuck , you will be with us foverer...You are the only one... Rest in peace my friend...   Thank you for the music.
12/16/01 01:10:51 AM     12/16/01 12:50:12 AM  
Maelo   Juan
Behind an empty universe, the world will cry your DEATH forever. The greatest and the best,Chuck Schuldiner.   Eternal Master!!!
12/16/01 01:10:15 AM     12/16/01 12:49:43 AM  
Smelio   Lisa G.
Wneh a fucking Human being dies ,he just dies . When a man dies ,he stays in our civilization forever .WAs CHUcK a MAN , YES i hope .................... he will stay with us forever   PEACE , LOVE , AND SERENITY . You are loved , and you are missed by many. GOD BLESS

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EmptyWords-Published on January 9 2002