12/17/01 07:11:50 PM     12/17/01 06:53:22 PM  
MRV (Poland)   ruud de bruut
You'll always live in every note of music you gave us. Because it's stronger than death. You'll live in our memories, our souls, our words, words which are not empty...   sadness fills my mind.this was your final fight.rust in vrede (rip)
12/17/01 07:11:13 PM     12/17/01 06:52:13 PM  
Olaf Friden - Ablaze   Bonomi Pierangelo (Italy)
I will miss you more than words All your songs and all your thoughts All your music , words once you've broghtten Never ever be forgotten Free from our wasted land Rest in peace by now my friend   Goodbye Chuck......You will live forever with your name end your music in our's heart.I'll think yuo happy in your CRYSTAL MOUNTAIN. Go in your STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN an then fly with an angel in your PARADISE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Addio Chuck........Sono sempre i migliori che se ne vanno.NON TI DIMENTICHEREMO MAI.
12/17/01 07:11:05 PM     12/17/01 06:52:10 PM  
jeremy   david
time to shred the heavens...   I am thankful that I was able to see Death live in dallas a couple of years ago. For those of you who could not, you missed a great show. I also met him and he signed my c.d. He was a truly awesome individual! R.I.P.
12/17/01 07:10:16 PM     12/17/01 06:50:06 PM  
Leider hast du uns viel zu früh verlassen Chuck. Ich werde niemals die grossartigen Momente vergessen, als ich das grosse Glück hatte, dich auf dem Dynamo und auf deiner letzten Tour in München live zu sehen. Deine wunderbare Musik wird für immer in den Herzen deiner Fans weiterleben! Rest in Peace, dear Brother   YOU WILL ALWAYS HOLD A SPECIAL PLACE IN MY HEART I WILL ALWAYS REMEMBER YOU.
12/17/01 07:10:11 PM     12/17/01 06:49:41 PM  
maurizio   Jonny
Con estreo dolore partecipo alla tua morte.Ci mancherai! Ciao Chuck   A true artist has left us, but he hasnt left the people who loved his music. Chuck inspired me some ten years ago, he made me aware of death metal to some extent. He proved that hard music could be well thought through. Not just fast and hard. Chuck always released good quality music. Music that will live on and one day be regarded as classics. From a fan - I thank you Chuck.
12/17/01 07:10:04 PM     12/17/01 06:49:28 PM  
Chrystèle Metal from France   ALESSANDRO (ITALY)
Dear Chuck, gone too soon, all your fans really support you, with or without tears, wherever you are, your name and your music are written forever in the heart, in the soul of all dedicated metalheads. RIP Chrystèle speaking in the name of many others.   THANKS CHUCK FOR YOUR MUSIC. ZOMBIE RITUAL!!!!!!!!!!!!
12/17/01 07:09:30 PM     12/17/01 06:49:24 PM  
Remco   Roger
Take care, you will be mist.   It's funny how I can remember hearing Scream Bloody Gore for the first time, and thinking it sounded terrible. I kept telling my friends, "Those vocals, they are so bad!" I still remember the time and place I was at, as my friend Bryan was listening to the new album Leprosy in his car, when it hit me. It was like a switch turned, and I suddenly loved these guys. Over the years, very few, if any, artists have consistantly stayed at the top the way Death has. I will never forget Chuck, the concerts I saw him play, or the albums he released. Thanks, man.
12/17/01 07:09:02 PM     12/17/01 06:49:04 PM  
Joe   Mephisto (Turkey)
Chuck, you were the founding father of death metal as we know it, you will forever be remembered.   the biggest Death Metal warrior was dead... he was the founder,developer of a new musical culture...he also was a legend when was Death Metal is an orphan,cos' his father is dead... Rest In Peace Chuck...
12/17/01 07:08:06 PM     12/17/01 06:48:59 PM  
Sander Bergers (holland)   Abrahkkan Alastor Vocalist
Thanks for all you've done for metal. Thanks for the good times we had in Holland. Why the good ones first? thanks for everything and rest in piece brother   A big loss in the worldwide metal scene. We will never forget Chuck because of the great legacy he has left behind for all of us to keep alive. Chuck S. will never die in our metal hearts because that fight he won it a long time ago with his music and talent. Members of Alastor Sanguinary Embryo Black Metal Band from Costa Rica Central America
12/17/01 07:07:43 PM     12/17/01 06:48:53 PM  
D.G. (Greece)   allsweptaway
Thank you for being such a great person and musician.May God rest your soul, the voice of which I will always keep with me. Rest In Peace   You changed my life for the better. I will always enjoy and rock out to your music. Rest in peace.
12/17/01 07:07:11 PM     12/17/01 06:48:39 PM  
Claudiney Perbony   Eddie & Spanish fans
It is better go through a house that there is pain and suffering cries, than a happiness, party house, cause in the suffering house we got to realize that one day we all will gonna die. so we can find ou Creator and the only God. God blessed you Chuck!   Creo que es muy mala noticia para el mundo de la música. Un genio se ha ido. Todos los fans españoles lamentamos esta gran pérdida. Mucha suerte y animo a toda su familia, especialmente a su madre. R.I.P. ONLY THE GOOD DIE YOUNG
12/17/01 07:07:10 PM     12/17/01 06:46:32 PM  
Jim   Michael(Switzerland)
You were a mentor, a symbol, and a guitar god. Your music will live on and so will your legend I hope you have finally found peace.   Thank you for all the songs Chuck...Rest in peace
12/17/01 07:07:07 PM     12/17/01 06:46:09 PM  
CHICO CRISTIAN from CHILE!   Robert Portvliet
TE DOY LAS GRACIAS POR TODA tu inspiro a mi como a tantos chilenos! gracias ...eres una leyenda...te doy las gracias por haber venido a chile...descansa en paz!!! y en el infierno nos vemos...chao "evil chuck" CHILE TE LO AGRADECE!!!   I really don't know what to say. The world of music has suffered a great loss in Chuck's passing. My heart goes out to Chuck's family in this time. God bless
12/17/01 07:06:31 PM     12/17/01 06:44:54 PM  
REST IN PEACE CHUCK YOU WILL BE MISSED.   Out of sight, not out of our hearts and definitely not out of our ears..... Death is only the beginning.....
12/17/01 07:06:11 PM     12/17/01 06:44:52 PM  
Fabbio Webber   Elishia
Rest in peace!!!!!!!!!   Please read this section dedicated to the godfather of death metal: Chuck, you will be missed brother, but your words will continue with us as we conquer the hardships of life. You will live with us in your music and continue to inspire metalheads all across the world. RIP Chuck -l-
12/17/01 07:06:03 PM     12/17/01 06:44:39 PM  
spunkdustbin   Alex(Italy)
"IT MATTERS NOT HOW A MAN DIES, BUT HOW HE LIVES. THE ACT OF DYING IS NOT OF IMPORTANCE, IT LASTS SO SHORT A TIME." samuel johnson. MY SYMPATHY GOES TO ALL WHO KNEW AND LOVED HIM. :(   Dear Chuck,thanks for what you've done,you will remain the best guitarist and best front man of the best death-metal band ever.Thanks for inspiring and giving us the strength to go on....
12/17/01 07:05:36 PM     12/17/01 06:44:15 PM  
Matt Messner   Scott Whitt
My heart and deepest sympathy go out to Chuck's family and friends. Chuck was one of the most important and influential musicians to ever walk the earth, and we will miss him so very much. His music changed my life and countless others, and I am eternally grateful to him. We will never forget you Chuck. Rest in peace.   To say I am deeply saddened would be an understatement. Chuck's music touched my very heart and soul in ways that are nearly impossible to express. A true musical icon has left us. UNTIL FOREVER......
12/17/01 07:05:34 PM     12/17/01 06:44:08 PM  
Allyamaeth   gabriele
Un géant du métal, un innovateur, le créateur d'un genre à part entière vient de nous quitter et c'est une des pires chose qui pouvait arriver au métal et à la musique en général. Qu'il repose en paix.   lo dirò in italiano,chuck tu vivi ancora nei tuoi testi e nella tua stupenda musica rivivi nella gioia di chi ama la tua musica di chi come me ti cinsidera sempre il più grande sò che la malattia ti ha strappato da noi e dall'affetto dei tuoi cari ma sono sicuro che tu sarai sempre con noi eterno come latua poesia chiamata musica GRAZIE CHUCK "in dream my thoughts take their form to give memories identity...........................
12/17/01 07:04:57 PM     12/17/01 06:43:43 PM  
Fatal Portrait   Ronald Lee Schaaf-Mabe, Jr.
Gracias Chuck por tu musica ,esta ha servido de inspiracion para muchas bandas como nosotros. Nuestro proximo concierto estara dedicado a tu memoria. Un saludo estes donde estes. Descansa en Paz amigo. Siempre CHUCK,Siempre DEATH! ahora si que ya eres un Dios!   I learned from you personally from meeting you at Harpos Concert Complex here in Detroit, MI. That they reason you innovated such world class music is because you are such a world class individual. My wish for you in the beyond after-life is that the being-force that governs the laws of Karma and Justice; sits down and learns how to be more Schuldiner-like.You could teach that individual how to have integrity! My wish in life is that all individuals of the metal community never forget how down to earth you were; while you where here! The planet is a more better place, that you were here! And I will try to remember to keep it that way now that your gone; others will try to unravel the positive influence you had on this planet do to there negativity and false values.Take care, Chuck Schuldiner; best regards ALWAYS! Ronald Lee Schaaf-Mabe, Jr.
12/17/01 07:04:53 PM     12/17/01 06:43:23 PM  
i really would like to say how much the death of Chuck Schlindler has touched me . I had been listening to his band for twelve years. My thoughts go to all his family but especially to Chuck who has been very courageous fighting during all those years against his tumors . may yuo rest in peace .You will always be remembered as one of the most respected singer in the Metal scene !! Thank you for your beautiful music   I NEVER GOT THE PRIVALIGE TO WATCH A DEATH OR A CONTROL DENIED SHOW. I DO KNOW ONE THING THOUGH, CHUCK, YOU HAVE BEEN MY HERO FOR MANY YEARS. YOU ARE PERSEVERANCE. YOU HAVE PERSEVERED THROUGH EVERYTHING. NO ONE WILL EVER COME CLOSE TO YOU. YOUR MUSIC TOUCHES MY HEART. YOU MAY HAVE NEVER KNOWN THAT YOU ARE A METAL GOD. I LOVE YOU (R.I.P.)! YOU WILL ALWAYS BE IN MY HEART. TO CHUCK'S FAMILY, FRIENDS, AND BANDMATES, HANG IN THERE. I WISH YOU ALL THE BEST. YOU WILL BE IN MY THOUGHTS CONSTANTLY.
12/17/01 07:04:45 PM     12/17/01 06:43:22 PM  
Dave Gowing   Ansar Miles
My deepest and most sincere condolences go to Chuck's family and friends, as well as to the countless people his life has touched. One day, hopefully soon, people will not have to go through the hardships Chuck and so many others have endured. The metal and music community will not be the same.   Dear Chuck, It's sad that you were faced to deal with the pain but stuck through it with the strength of many men.I am not the most hardcore Death fan but got into your music a few years back and loved it ever since.Then I got into Control Denied and it just kicked so much ass. My grandmother passed away last Friday and it is sad to see loved ones pass away.It seems like I go to a funeral of a loved one each year and that sucks.I want to show my condolences to your family and know that you will be sorely missed.You are one of my idols and I will spread your music to as many people as humanly possible. I am a 23 year old black guy and I was a racist years ago and one day just woke up and said that I need to check what i am doing.I am better than that now but still deal with issues day by day.I listen to predminately Norwegian Black Metal and I am me.I do what i want and not what society wants. I am trying not to take things for granted.Life isnt a game and I know I will be a success.Thanks for inspiring me.
12/17/01 07:04:42 PM     12/17/01 06:43:18 PM  
carlos || aitken   Andrew Towler
I have no words... rest in peace man thanks for living   I cannot possibly understand how the Schuldiner family must feel now, and I doubt I ever will. Despite that, my upmost condelences go out to them and may Chuck's name never be forgotten.
12/17/01 07:04:18 PM     12/17/01 06:43:12 PM  
Miky (Italy)   SERKAN /Turkey
I lost a friend. I've cryed more and more,but now will be time to play Metal louder than before. See u...   hayatta tek arzum DEATH i Türkiye de görmekti.artýk bu sadece güzel bi hayal olarak kaldý.ama müziðini daha bir zevkle dinliyeceðim ömrüm boyunca. LONG LIVE DEATH
12/17/01 07:04:08 PM     12/17/01 06:43:12 PM  
David Long, Kansas City, MO   Corey Harrington
I never thought it would happen. We think things are going well and all of a sudden, it hits a brick wall...I was listening to The Sound of Perservearance when I read the mail...your band's final testament. But through your music and your bandmates past and present, we will remember you, your skill, your music and most of all, the human behind you, the down to earth guy who inspired so many. No matter what you believe, may that belief bring your soul rest.   My heart goes out to Chuck's family, and to all those who knew and loved him. My you have strength, in this time of sorrow.
12/17/01 07:03:49 PM     12/17/01 06:42:54 PM  
Sander   Bertrand
Dear Chuck, May you rest in peace and know that you have inspired many with your innovative music.   Chuck... you have inspired so many people among us... losing you il losing a part of ourselves. Rest in peace, dear brother. We will miss you until we meet again. I'd like to dedicate my thoughts to your family.
12/17/01 07:03:24 PM     12/17/01 06:42:39 PM  
Carlos Eduardo P. de Almeida (Brasil)   rottingcarcass69
Rest in Peace. Your music is imortal.   Dude, you might be gone but you'll never be forgotten. I was I would of gotten the chance to meet you and tell you that death is the reason that i started listen to death metal. Gonna miss you killer vocals. Peace at last Brother.
12/17/01 07:03:09 PM     12/17/01 06:42:28 PM  
Luca   Stephan Zuijdendorp (The Netherlands)
...See you Chuck, you fight bravely, but it's the human condition...Now you won't suffer anymore...I never saw you... I'm sure that we'll meet one day... ADDIO CHUCK "Out There in the darkness, one soul is Burning brighter than thousand suns"   Chuck, with your music, you left something valuable behind. We will meet you somewhere else....
12/17/01 07:02:46 PM     12/17/01 06:42:05 PM  
Jasiu-Flasiu & £ysy from Poland   karyn
It's very hard to express our feelings because we weren't prepared for what happened.We lost the greatest MAN in this world.He showed us how power and beauty can exist "together as one".Good luck in Your perennial journey! We will always SUPPORT MUSIC NOT RUMORS. LET THE METAL FLOW ... FOREVER   a solemn goodbye to a true musical geuius....
12/17/01 07:02:26 PM     12/17/01 06:41:41 PM  
Joe V   Anderson Basso de Oliveira
You will be forever missed.My heart goes out to all Chuck's family and friends. You will never know how much you have influenced so many. You are the reason I first picked up a guitar. Rest In Piece my friend!   I'm very sad, i'sorry. I just think in chuck and his god soul. Maybe one day we will come togheter without unhappy things. Anderson Brasil
12/17/01 07:02:18 PM     12/17/01 06:41:34 PM  
Nick Hurry   O.G.
sad sad sad!!!   Bye Chuck. r.i.p.
12/17/01 07:02:01 PM     12/17/01 06:41:25 PM  
melanie laquerre   Lukasz Piotrowski (Radom-Poland)
Chuck, thank you for inspiring so many people with your strength, integrity, perseverance, voice, creative mind and music. You were wise beyond your years. You will forever be in our hearts and thoughts. To Chuck Schuldiner's family, I send you my deepest sympathies and my love. Be strong. May you rest in peace, Chuck.   Chuck, we are with you - forever!!! Thanx for everything, you`ll live forever - `till we live... You are god of metal, you are our god!!! Thanx once again...
12/17/01 07:01:36 PM     12/17/01 06:41:20 PM  
Manowarior   Snake
You will be remembered for the music you gave us and the person you were. You didn't burn down churches, kill cats, or anything that gives death metal (and all extreme metal) a bad name. You simply played heavy fucking metal. Death To False Metal, and long live Death!! Your body may be gone, but your spirit lives on.   Solo los mejores vuelven a la vida... Chuck, estaras siempre con nosotros... Q.E.P.D
12/17/01 07:01:32 PM     12/17/01 06:41:06 PM  
Erika (Belgium)   john lahaye
Its hard to find the words in time like this... Only the rocks live forever... So one day, we all meet again...   Hey Chuck You are the best, forever and always. See you in heaven man.
12/17/01 07:01:15 PM     12/17/01 06:40:57 PM  
Christian   Bri
Rest In Peace   Thank you Chuck for showing the world how to push music to its limits and still find the beauty within chaos while doing so. Peace be with you in your journey into another existence, whether it be heaven or another realm. You will always live on within the heart and souls of the metal commuunity, our fallen metal brother.
12/17/01 07:00:11 PM     12/17/01 06:40:46 PM  
Shaine   Matías Tapia
You will be missed thanks   Dear Chuck So you lost after all this struggle? No. You have obtained the highest victory, as your music, your integrity and your courage will always live among us and within our hearts. I know you are finally at peace where you are right now. A warm hug to all the Schuldiner family, specially to Chuck's mother Jane, may God bless you all and be with you in this hour of sadness. Your son will always be besides you and someday you will all meet again. Thanks for all, Chuck Schuldiner, musician and poet, may your legacy remain among us forever.
12/17/01 06:59:30 PM     12/17/01 06:39:30 PM  
kolsvart_misantropi   Ramasi
the great ones always dies first....why??? (to all of you that belives that a god exists...think it over...if a god existed, then people like chuck wouldn´t die!)   Ainda sem acreditar no ocorrido, cá estou, meio angustiado, triste e saudoso por alguém que preencheu anos de minha vida, música, poesia, filosofia... É difícil de acreditar que o Chuck, aquele mesmo que desde meus 15 anos vem me acompanhando, fazendo do cotiano algo menos cansativo, menos apático!!! Sentirei saudades de sua voz, dos riffs extremamente técnicos, de toda filosofia por trás das lindas letras, dos albúns (a cada novo, um grande presente), de toda complexidade que só você Chuck trouxe ao metal. Saudades eternas em nome de todo o Brasil!!!
12/17/01 06:59:23 PM     12/17/01 06:39:20 PM  
Ricardo Peraza (El Salvador)   Dark Angel
Thank you Chuck, your music will live forever in our hearts, good bye Death Metal creator!!   R.I.P my brother
12/17/01 06:59:15 PM     12/17/01 06:39:12 PM  
Sean   camilo
12/17/01 06:58:13 PM     12/17/01 06:38:18 PM  
Kevin   Marlo, and Necronaut Gang ,Edmonton Ab, Canada
Chuck inspired me and will always! Thanks for the great time you give us all. You was and still a hero who open pathways in our heart for such a great music. All my condolences to family, friends and fans. Forever in my heart!   An end to the physical form, your spirit lives on inside us all.Your music inspires us and keeps you immortal in our hearts.Rest in Peace,"Father of Death".
12/17/01 06:58:08 PM     12/17/01 06:37:54 PM  
xARNOLDx & Blackmetal KUIK ( H8000 )   Shawn
We would like to show our sincere condelences for the Shuldiner family. We have lost a legend, but his music will live forever in our hearts...   My heart goes out to the Schuldiner family. Chuck inspired countless musicians and his spirit will live on in their hearts. Goodbye, Chuck
12/17/01 06:57:54 PM     12/17/01 06:37:52 PM  
Diego   Angelo (Nederland)
Dear Chuck and family,

I loved your band, I loved your music, I loved how you, as a musician, created a new style within the metal scene itself. I can't really believe this happened, for sure I can't. I am sure you will be forever resting in peace, because you sent us all a spiritual message that won't be forget. Never ever...

Just for all who could be thinking that death is the end of it all, you should see that is just the beginning of the next passage in our lifes

May your soul rest forever in peace,

Diego, MetalSymphony
  Chuck is DEATH...............?
12/17/01 06:57:50 PM     12/17/01 06:37:22 PM  
jussi   Michele B. de B.
Your memory shall never be forgotten. It will be heard until eternity in the guitars of those you influeced.   A powerful Hail to one of my music master and to one of better musician of ever... Your music will always resound in our minds.
12/17/01 06:57:46 PM     12/17/01 06:37:20 PM  
Aaron Exton   Metalinvader
You were a true god of metal Chuck, you inspired many and brought joy to even more. May your spirit live on forever R.I.P   Just do not know what will be the right words. Ride on Chuck. We will never forget you, brother in mind..
12/17/01 06:57:34 PM     12/17/01 06:36:50 PM  
Dylan Desmarais   Pedro Henrique Azevedo Rezende
R.I.P.   Cara, nem vou falar em inglês, porque a palavra que vocÊ deixou em nossos corações não existe na lingua inglesa. A palavra é SALDADE!!! Wherever you go is better than this world! Bye Chuck!!!
12/17/01 06:56:21 PM     12/17/01 06:36:39 PM  
Bartek Radwan   Mr Stockdale
Rest in peace Chuck   What can I say. Chuck will be missed, but he'll live on in everyone of his fans every time they put on one of his CD's. Rest in Peace, dude
12/17/01 06:55:55 PM     12/17/01 06:36:22 PM  
wez.belfast,northern ireland   DENIS(From Kiev (Ukraine))
rest in peace chuck.thanx for the great music.a true pioneer of extreme music.   We will never forget you Chuck. Maybe I will meet you soon..... Rest in peace
12/17/01 06:55:36 PM     12/17/01 06:36:04 PM   Libardo (From Columbia)
We will remember.   rest in peace dear friend, your music will live forever in our's hearts
12/17/01 06:55:32 PM     12/17/01 06:35:59 PM  
butch heishman   jatfly (Todd Kostelac)
thanks chuck   I was in High School when Scream Bloody Gore came out. I had thought at the time it was the hardest hitting albums I have ever heard. Here it is almost 15 years later and today I still think that same thought. His memory will live on with me I know that much, and his family should be proud of that fact.
12/17/01 06:54:02 PM     12/17/01 06:35:31 PM  
cyb3rde4th   Balaurul (Trooper)
What can I say... A sad moment indeed. Rest in peace - your memory will live on thru your music "Blessed are the dead, who won't have to suffer..."   They say all things happen for a reason... I see no reason for this one. Anyway, Chuck won't die until there'll be noone left to listen to the music he created. So he has a long existence ahead. Rest In Peace!
12/17/01 06:53:39 PM     12/17/01 06:35:25 PM  
cram 11   davenslayer
You will be missed!! And never forgotten!!!!!   although you are gone, your spirit is not. i will continue to hold your words true inside of me and i thank you for all you have done. good bye friend.

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EmptyWords-Published on February 14 2002