12/16/01 01:30:17 AM     12/18/01 06:59:22 PM  
burzita (chile)   Dévényi Gergely
hey master... why did you had to die....god...this things shouldn't happen or should they? no :( hope you are allright in heaven.. rest in peace you'll memory will remain forever   Dear Chuck and family, I send you my prayers and positive thoughts for you all. I believe that Chuck has just stepped into the everflow. He will be with us forever in his music, thoughts and acts.
12/16/01 01:30:10 AM     12/18/01 06:59:09 PM  
Eugenio Zhmen.................. Ukraine   David Z
We'll always keep you in our memories, Chuck! Forever. †††   One of the saddest days in life, musically and non-musically, has unfortunately appeared before us. I can not believe how a talented and great person must leave so early. This day will still shock me as to know that the most influential person of death metal music is no longer here. My condolenscens to all of the Schuldiner family, friends and all bandmates. "Rest In Peace almighty Chuck Schuldiner....You are and will forever be sorely missed............
12/16/01 01:29:36 AM     12/18/01 06:58:07 PM  
mi raccomando!! onore al tuo Metal!! per sempre ovunque   With Honor I bare the mark of DEATH````````
12/16/01 01:28:59 AM     12/18/01 06:56:20 PM  
Anonymous Surfer   Elen Cristina Pérez de Freitas
R.I.P. Chuck, scream bloody gore forever!   I lost my mother last year, but i´m always strong! The life is so beautiful, but we must to be strong! It´s hard to understand but there´s another world and that is better. All that we love will be with us forever in our heart, no matter where they are! Chuck rest in piece. Your Brazilian Fan Elen :*
12/16/01 01:28:23 AM     12/18/01 06:56:04 PM  
Camolas   Jeroen from the Netherlands
For all the teachings that you left us, journey well to the other side brother, and know that the music you made will be cherished by all of us in metal and maybe one day, out of it. Though you adventure now in the final mystery, we on this side will never forget all you´ve gave us. Thank you and rest in peace, knowing that your mission is fulfilled...   for chuck...he gave us inspiration...he gave us music, he gave us metal....and now he has been taken by that which was his daily bread.....death....thank you chuck may your spirit live on in metal for generations to come ....
12/16/01 01:27:15 AM     12/18/01 06:54:21 PM  
Edwin Tesslhoff   Daniele
Goodbye Chuck. Rest In Peace   Chuck il tuo ricordo sarà sempre vivo nella musica che ci hai lasciato...ADDIO GENIO!!!
12/16/01 01:26:37 AM     12/18/01 06:53:55 PM  
Adrian Camilleri   Chris Kendrick
Dear Chuck,

Thankyou for being who you were. Your genius was inspiration for many, and will continue to be, myself included. Your passing came like shock to all of us as we hoped silently in our hearts with you that all would be over in the best of ways. Sadly, a light in the dark for many had to burn out, but not without first lighting many small others. And this is the reason why you still live on.

  Tears fill my eyes, the impact he had on music and what I love was phenomenal and his spirit should be rejoiced for the wonderful things that he created in a world that is not deserving of someone like him. Please accept my condolences at this loss of a great man.
12/16/01 01:26:00 AM     12/18/01 06:53:38 PM  
Ignacio R.   tom xmaroonx
Everything has to end, nothing is eternal, just the legacy that chuck has left us, a true example of what human evolution can achive... metal will no longer be the same without Chuck..   rest in peace, man... you will not be forgotten! your music was such a big part of my life! chuck forever!
12/16/01 01:25:53 AM     12/18/01 06:53:10 PM  
Jordan Baumhardt   genius
The metal community has just lost a god. It is just amazing that Chuck died 1 year after my grandfather did on the same day. Now I have to definitely remember December 13. My prayers go out to Chuck's family, friends, and fans throughout the world. Chuck will always be remembered. R.I.P. Chuck Schuldiner   addio Chuck
12/16/01 01:25:19 AM     12/18/01 06:49:59 PM  
Stéphane Paré   Greg and Jennifer (and cats, Lucretia, Grim, Maya, Aria and Subatai.)
Nooooooooo! why! why! I can't believe this... Chuck!!!!! The metal world is in mourning. rest in peace my friend. please do some music up there, so I can enjoy your music when I'm going to reach you up there... R.I.P.   I discovered Death one cold winter day in 1988, I was talking to a girl in a head shop about metal, and was raving about Tom Araya's savage throat, (as I still do today,) when the same gal turned me on to the band Death, saying that this guy's voice sounded like it was coming up from the bowels of hell. And she was right!R.I.P., Chuck,I pity the angel that tries to get you to turn in your black jeans for a white gown!
12/16/01 01:25:03 AM     12/18/01 06:49:36 PM  
Empereur GHOULE   Leishmaniasis
Chuck brought us Death, Death bought back Chuck... hope You give great shows over there, fellow.   We'll remember you forever through your music, Thanks for the masterpieces, Colombia loves you. ---HUGO---
12/16/01 01:24:42 AM     12/18/01 06:47:57 PM  
Deicide   Dread
† Chuck Schuldiner † DECEMBER 13, etat den budit atmechin kak chorni den vavseh kalendaryah patamushta v etat den umir velikii chelavek katori izminil nashe panyatie o chezolai muziki i smog sdelat eio lutshe. O Chacke budut vspaminat kak o legendi miravova metala, on vsegda budit zit vnashih serdtsah i vsegda budit snami v nashih mislyah i vnashih deistviyah. Da hranit tibya AZAZEL nash daragoi Chack i puskai zemlya stanit tibe puham.   RIP Chuck. Sincerest condolences to family and friends, slay on forever.
12/16/01 01:23:48 AM     12/18/01 06:47:16 PM  
Wow.. What do I say? If it werent for me purchasing Symbolic in 1997, I would have never had gotten into Death Metal. Thank you so very very much Chuck for giving us the many, yet so very few, years of music. We'll miss you Chuck.   GOD BLESS YA!
12/16/01 01:22:51 AM     12/18/01 06:47:01 PM  
Jefferson Pinesso, Brazil   Dan
Goodbye Chuck, we never forget you!! Thank You for all your inspiration and dedication!!   Chucks innovative music will live on forever. thank you Chuck R.I.P
12/16/01 01:22:37 AM     12/18/01 06:46:07 PM  
DanCyst   The Emperor
Rest In Peace, Chuck. Your music cleared the path for so many others, and has become etched into our memories forever. We will never forget you, for we are all eternally in your debt.   Death has been part of my life for a long time now... the music was so powerful and so much more technical and meaningful than that of most bands today. im gonna miss him and so are all the people who have listened to him and have been loyal fans over here at mam-ax studios. with strength i burn.
12/16/01 01:22:30 AM     12/18/01 06:45:42 PM  
Julio Schuldiner   Ale(Serva666) from Italy
Envuelto en lagrimas expreso mis sentimientos en estas palabras... Chuck todos estos años fuiste el mejor para mi, alguien digno de imitar.Junte cada uno de tus discos, tu musica es la carga diaria de energia y lo sera por siempre. Antes de partir sentiste el cariño de todo el mundo ahora sientes la tristeza de todos, tu musica, tu espiritu y tu rostro, ese rostro que reflejaba el amor por la musica estará en cada metalero amante de tus Riff&Solos, sonidos que llegaron muyu dentro de mi alma (voice of the soul) Mi mas sentido pesame a la familia Schuldiner, cada lagrima de nosotros son para ustedes tambien, nadie ocupara su lugar en el metal nadie lo podra igualar, un gran musico, un verdadero amigo de todos, un simbolo en el metal... Chuck Schuldiner será siempre recordado como un genio, un heroe y una gran persona.   GOODBYE "EVIL" CHUCK................ SEE YOU!!!!!!!
12/16/01 01:22:28 AM     12/18/01 06:43:54 PM  
milhouse   Rick Boucher - Ballouville, CT
R.I.P CHUCK AND DEEPEST CONDOLENCES GO TO YOUR FAMILY AND FRIENDS, WE WILL ALL MISS YOU. ANYWAY THANKS FOR ALL YOUR INSPIRATION IN LIFE AND FOR SHOWING US TO ALWAYS KEEP ON FIGHTING. I AM SURE YOU ARE NOW IN A BETTER PLACE BY FAR.   There are no words to express the loss we feel. Our prayers go out to Chuck's family, friends and fans. Your body may have left us, but your music will never die. God speed.
12/16/01 01:22:15 AM     12/18/01 06:43:17 PM  
Darko   Cranium crusher
My music idol is gone.. forever! Dear Chuck, your music lives on and brings you to life every time I hear it... If not in body, you're present thru your magical music... What's to say except "only the good die young"! Condolences go to family, his bandmates and friends... He will be greatly missed! R.I.P. dear Chuck   Wow. I can't fuckin belive it. Death was a great definitive band, and Chuck's presents in the metal scene will be missed. This really fuckin sucks.
12/16/01 01:21:32 AM     12/18/01 06:40:21 PM  
Dave Torrons - ITALY   Christian from Rome
Death metal is dead, but you will live forever in my heart. rest in peace chuck!   there are no words to describe the man you were...and pain I feel...your music will always lives on.A piece of metal hystory is gone away,but your memory is so used to say "keep the metal faith alive" and this faith will dwells in my heart as I think of you...thank you for all Chuck and goodbye. let's hail the metal king!!!!!! r.i.p.
12/16/01 01:21:24 AM     12/18/01 06:40:02 PM  
Thoth   Scotty Camara
Scream Bloody Gore ... forever   R.I.P Chuck. Your memory will live in all of our hearts forever.
12/16/01 01:21:22 AM     12/18/01 06:39:52 PM  
Omero Nunez   Rest in peace, man!
Your music has been there for me in hardest of times and in the best of times, for that I thank you Chuck. You are one that will never be forgotten....R.I.P.   You'r my personal hero! The one and only... to the family: I fell with u.. He's a legend!
12/16/01 01:21:01 AM     12/18/01 06:37:12 PM  
Ismaeel   cenk from turkey
May God have mercy on your soul,I ran out of words,that was a real shock for me,We wont ever forget you Chuck and your unforgotable art lasts in our hearts.   I love you man! Rest in peace. I won't forget you!
12/16/01 01:20:10 AM     12/18/01 06:35:59 PM  
Eric   Blackinmind
One of the greatest musical minds of our time. He created a form of music so raw and aggresive that no one had seen anything like it before, and completely changed the shape of metal. R.I.P. Brother   I can't believe it,i'm an italian guy and i don't really like Death's music, but Chuck was a great guitarist and a great metal brother. I will miss him.
12/16/01 01:19:26 AM     12/18/01 06:35:49 PM  
Evo   Peter
*   Your lyrics saved my life once, too bad I couldn´t do anything to save yours...
12/16/01 01:19:18 AM     12/18/01 06:35:29 PM  
Jorge Viani   Cliff,italy.
This notice really shoked me, I was visiting many sites and I had the idea to visit the EMPTY WORDS to check about any news about Chuck´s health. This notice really got me. This is a dark day to Metal. It´s the day that a genius left the stage forever. Good Luck Chuck   I can believe it. I'm listening to every death's cd, and i'm understanding that we lose an incredible genius.i'm so sad.Good bye chuck.
12/16/01 01:19:15 AM     12/18/01 06:34:12 PM  
SARCOMA - Chile   sira,paolo,petch e matteo from milan,italy
Tu muerte a dejado vacíos los corazones de muchos, sin embargo, tu legado permanecerá por siempre...

Your death has empty many hearts, and despite you are not with us anymore, your legacy will last forever…

Nuestras más sinceras condolencias a la familia y amigos de este gran maestro.

  grazie chuck !!!!! ci mancherai moltissimo la tua musica e il tuo genio rimarrà per sempre nei nostri cuori. rest in peace.
12/16/01 01:18:48 AM     12/18/01 06:33:46 PM  
Jose Antonio   Fabrice MILLE
não tenho palavras pra descrever como estou me sentindo agora...... sinto-me como se tivesse perdido um de meus amigos mais proximos....... gostaria de desejar a família Schuldiner, muita força para suportar o momento, pois apesar da perda, a vida continua...... Chuck sua genialidade não será esquecida jamais, a maneira com que suas palavras me tocaram é algo que somente eu sei!!! esteja aonde estiver continue deixando o metal fluir, assim como nós continuaremos fazendo! descanse em paz mestre!!   I want to thank you Chuck for your inspiration and your genious music. You will always live on in our hearts, thank to you, metal will never die. We'll miss you ! God bless you, rest in peace !! Metal Brother
12/16/01 01:16:56 AM     12/18/01 06:33:30 PM  
jokke , sweden   Mads (DK)
No more with us, but forever in memory and music. Hail to one of the greatest.   Chuck is dead... first i thought it was a bad joke, but... CHUCK WAS MY HERO... my inspiration to life and existence, HE CANT BE DEAD, the king of all true metal cant just say goodbye!!! I just want to thank Chuck Schuldiner and his family, who I'm sure have meant a lot for his fight, he unfortunately couldn't win! Chuck ("Evil") Schuldiner R.I.P.! You will always have a big place in my heart.
12/16/01 01:16:47 AM     12/18/01 06:31:17 PM  
Tris   Nicolas Rios
It's a real sad day for every Metalfan in the world.. I think we all know what Chuck did or us.. We'll never forget. Rest in peace, brother   We´ve lost an everlasting source of inspiration for the Metal world. Words can only begin to describe the Metal comunity´s pain and grief. Chuck, wherever you are now, your music has inspired and will tontinue to inspire Metalhead generations to come. You will NOT be forget, and your legacy shall continue... forever. Rest in peace MetalGod.
12/16/01 01:16:34 AM     12/18/01 06:29:50 PM  
Matteo   Melle - The Netherlands
Goodbye   Dear Chuck and family, I am truly sorry for the loss of Chuck. I wish you strength and trust for the coming times. I believe that inspiration is not bonded to flesh and that Chuck's spirit will continue to inspire countless souls for al very, very long time. Bite the pain! Greetings and the best of luck, Melle.
12/16/01 01:16:32 AM     12/18/01 06:29:30 PM  
Yvan Ratelle   Malik
I am myself a metal guitar player and composer. I always believed Chuck was among the last of his kind to write pure roots metal, the way it was meant to be. The loss to me is greater than one would imagine, for he was an icon not only to the music genre, but also as a human being. Although remains all of his works and music for us to appreciate, and listen, on and on, I can only pray his words touched souls in need, as he did mine.

I will continue to carry the flame I am convinced he also believed in, and keeps the pure roots alive through my own music as I always did.

Thank you Chuck for the inspiration, for sharing. You will be remembered.
Yvan Ratelle
  Here in Germany we became silent when reading about Chucks Death. I feel with the family. Also for me and friends he was a great inspiration and he lives on in our thoughts, hearts and in our music cause we have grown up with DEATH (the band), tried a thousand times to play some songs of "Human" - to figure out Chucks geniality. He was here for a reason. Be sure of this. Maybe this helps a little bit on the hard way. I hope you can imagine HOW much emotionality his music awoke in us. He gave life to a lot of feelings, actions, wishes... still silent, Malik
12/16/01 01:16:14 AM     12/18/01 06:29:15 PM  
Danny Nelson   Jean-Louis des Longchamps from france
At a time when we all thought metal was at its prime, Death came on to the scene! Changing the way we listen & play to the extreme. "Scream Bloody Gore" influenced all in death metal to bring the music to the next step in brutality. Take care brother, All in Malignancy   I first seen chuck in 1995 in a french metal magazine, and I remember he really looked cool. However I never listened to a "death" album until november of this year : I bought "symbolic", listened to it and......told myself that I'm really stupid not to have buy it years before, because it's really a great album. Chuck is really a great guitar player and songwritter, I respect him a lot.In just one month he became one of my main influences. I say "thank you" to all the persons who supported chuck, to his family, to his friends, and to chuck himself. I'm sure he will do some crazy jams up there with randy rhoads, jimmy hendrix and many others.
12/16/01 01:15:39 AM     12/18/01 06:28:46 PM  
LUIS   Armando Miranda
EL PAPA DEL METAL , SU MUSICA SIEMPRE SERA RECORDADA E INFLUIRA A MILLONES.   que mierda haber tenido una perdida tan grande, pero nos enseñaste muchas cosas,fuiste un grande y siempre vivras en nuestras almas. i see you in the other side,friend. FAIFY NIGHT (COSTA RICA) METAL NEVER DIE
12/16/01 01:15:37 AM     12/18/01 06:26:45 PM  
Dave   Panagiotis & Nickandre from Greece
Heartfelt sorrow to the family and friends of Chuck Schuldiner. His influence on music with the development of an entire genre will not be forgotten. Rest in peace.   Thanks our friend Chuck, for all you made for us! Your spirit will live forever in our hearts! R.I.P. our friend!
12/16/01 01:15:36 AM     12/18/01 06:26:37 PM  
Alex Kenis (crutch)   Carlos of BAND NEMESIS
I wanted to thank everyone who supported Chuck in his darkest times. I wish that I could have been there, he changed my life with his music and his words and gentle spirit. Thank you   Keep always on mind this great musician, composer and real Banger. Our songs and riffs still shout for him. NEMESIS, Classical Thrash Metal from Chile
12/16/01 01:15:29 AM     12/18/01 06:26:27 PM  
Jason Mediate   jason jourdan
Rest In Peace, brother. Your music inspired so many. Showing the world how metal is supposed to be done! Peace and God bless.   thanks for the music I've been listening from the beginning sorry it had to go that way
12/16/01 01:15:15 AM     12/18/01 06:25:46 PM  
Lucio   Ivan Milano - Italy
For all metal friends, Chcuck would like see power and union, forever! keep the ancient flames burning!!!!!   Thanx for everything you did, thanxs for your music and your honesty! I won't never forget you and your shows in my country. We miss you!! R.I.P.
12/16/01 01:15:10 AM     12/18/01 06:24:49 PM  
Joao Wrobel   Shukri Adams
It feels awkward to write here since I didn't really know Chuck or Death very well. But I'll certainly never forget them.   What can I possibly say? I love his music. He always took things to a higher level, always showed us a better way of playing, a better sense of appreciation for what music is. I feel a very deep sense of loss. We'll miss you Chuck.
12/16/01 01:14:47 AM     12/18/01 06:24:15 PM  
serdar from Ankara,Turkey   Iced F
sadness..rage against god if god exists?.. your words are in my veins..your solos in my heart.. so I am still with you so are the other fans.. R.I.P   See you, master of death
12/16/01 01:14:34 AM     12/18/01 06:22:44 PM  
Vrashtar   Enrico (Italy)
R.I.P Chuck you are the best!!!   Thanks Chuck,your music is not only music for me,you are not only a man for me,Death are not only a band for me:YOU ARE MY ONLY GOD
12/16/01 01:14:28 AM     12/18/01 06:20:32 PM  
Sean   Zoran -PrideofCreation- Germany
Thank you Chuck for inspiring me! You were a very gifted person- a creative wonder. I recall spending hours listening to Spiritual Healing, watching the "Ultimate Revenge 2", and attending your shows. I thank you for these fond memories. You will be greatly missed. Rest In Peace.   My condolences to the Family and all the friends. Now we lost a Guitar Idol,and a very good Songwritter ... God bless you , rest in peace.
12/16/01 01:14:19 AM     12/18/01 06:20:05 PM  
Jeff Jacobus   David - Syracuse, NY
If it wasn't for Chuck, a vast array of some of the best music ever (metal) would have been unknown to me. Chuck will remain in my heart and in my mind until they "Pull the Plug". My deepest condolences go out to Chuck's family in mourning. Please stay strong. :( :(   Why is my verse so barren of new pride? So far from hte variation of quick change? Why, with time, do I not glance aside To new-found methods and to compounds strange? Why write I still all one, ever the same... So all my best is dressing old words new, Spending again what is already spent: Fare thee well, my friend, many thanks for the inspiration "beware of the sharp-edged weapon," God grant ye peaceful slumber. David
12/16/01 01:13:54 AM     12/18/01 06:18:34 PM  
Dennis   Steve - Belgium
What to say? Hope u can make some noise where ever u are.. CYA...   Thanx Chuck for all the great music you have written. Being one of my big examples when I started listening to metal all these years ago I sincerely regret that you are not there anymore. I hope your suffering is over now. I don't believe in heaven nor hell, but if there is a metalheaven I hope you rest there in peace. Thanx man !
12/16/01 01:13:49 AM     12/18/01 06:17:49 PM  
spirit crusher   bob mccarthy
ive lost a alot of family and friends in the past,but i must tell you chuck,even thought we never even met, i feel a great loss,like you were family, all of our family,your music was theraputic and uplifting, its got us all through many tough times and for that we thank you Chuck.I also would like to thank every musicain who helped bring out the creative genius that was death,you are all gods!!to the family .... we all love you and prey for you in this this difficult time. FLY THE FLAG OF METAL AT HALF MAST FOR CHUCK! METAL LIVES!!!   chuck will live forever in the hearts and minds of all who realized and recognized this unsung is unfortunate that his music will never get mainsteam recognition,but to metal fans everywhere he will be legendary.R.I.P.
12/16/01 01:13:11 AM     12/18/01 06:17:15 PM  
Josh, Riana, Wopke   Mario- Chile
Exceptions are a common fact of life, except that there are no exceptions when it comes to living. Some things just aren't 'justified'...Thanks for a lot of music, inspiration and hours well spent trying to play like you. You will not be forgotten!!! Condoleances go out to the family, friends, bandmembers and anyone that feels he/she should receive condoleances.   Rest in peace, king of death metal, your music never will die.
12/16/01 01:12:20 AM     12/18/01 06:16:57 PM  
Bill (Logan)   Sas
My thoughts go out to Chuck's Family and closest friends. If the metal worlds loss is great, theirs is greater. Your music was an inspiration to others..let that not be in vain.   I'll always love you....
12/16/01 01:12:20 AM     12/18/01 06:16:37 PM  
Joseba   Reza Delavar (Iran)
I am still shocked by these horrible news. The world has lost one of the most talented musicians. My condolences to his family and friends. I will keep listening to your fantastic music. R.I.P. Chuck.   what can I say??I repeat many times to myself::Chuck is dead dead dead...Who can believe this?I's so unfair it was happened when I searched everyday on net to find a news from him hear that he will come back again to us....His words,Philoso[hy and music will be forever in our Souls....His music IS Voice OF the Soul....CHUCK IS ALIVE!Dont use this damn word again...
12/16/01 01:11:08 AM     12/18/01 06:16:32 PM  
Camila Macedo-Brazil   death
To Chuck's family , friends and all that loves the Death/Control Denied music. And loves this mentor: Chuck... And I know that Chuck will be alive through his music... Chuck lost the fight for his live , but I know that he never die in our minds , hearts and souls. Chuck , you will be with us foverer...You are the only one... Rest in peace my friend...   puta, que bueno ha sido ser influenciado por ti maestro. no tengo mas que decir, siento algo raro ahora y estoy como pajeado.
12/16/01 01:10:51 AM     12/18/01 06:11:51 PM  
Maelo   mike
Behind an empty universe, the world will cry your DEATH forever. The greatest and the best,Chuck Schuldiner.   I'd like to extend my condolences to Chuck's family and friends. His influence on the music(s) that has been a huge part of my life is staggering. May his soul rest in peace.
12/16/01 01:10:15 AM     12/18/01 06:10:54 PM  
Smelio   Laki (
Wneh a fucking Human being dies ,he just dies . When a man dies ,he stays in our civilization forever .WAs CHUcK a MAN , YES i hope .................... he will stay with us forever   I want to thank you Chuck for your inspiration and your genious music. You will always live on in our hearts! REST IN PEACE!!!!!!

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EmptyWords-Published on April 6 2002