12/20/01 09:38:55 PM     12/20/01 08:33:59 PM  
Marcos Dickinson   André (Gemert city)
I'm very sad with this tragedy. In this year we lost great names of Rock n' Roll. Unhapply we lost a great musician and a wonderful composer. I'd like to say one things to the Chuck's parents. Keep the faith. And to Chuck Rest in Peace YOUR MUSIC NEVER WILL DIE OF OUR MINDS AND HEARTS.   Love Respect and Peace to you bro , and like you said "Let the metal flow !!!" RIP
12/20/01 09:38:55 PM     12/20/01 08:32:34 PM  
Anthony Eastman   mark neiva
I know that you are in a better place Chuck. I just would like to say thanks for your great and pioneering contributions to music. Your words and music has, and will continue to inspire me in life. Into Glory Ride, our fallen brother of metal.   I remember you
12/20/01 09:38:32 PM     12/20/01 08:31:20 PM  
Janneman   Mick Demon Psicosis (Ciudad Bolivar Venezuela)
Chuck, thanx for making the most brutal songs Sorry I never got to see you perform music will never be the same   Chuck fuiste y seguirás siendo my gran influencia en el verdadero Metal en realidad dejaste un gran vacío en my persona , pero se que que de donde estés siempre seguirás apoyando el Metal, yo lo haré fluir y lo estoy asiendo fluir como tu siempre has dicho llevando a todas partes tu música y la de mi banda espero que nos apoyes y nos ilumines en el camino del Metal, siempre te e apreciado y tenido mucho respeto por ti ... cuida de tu familia y de todas las personas que escuchamos tu música. eres el verdadero guardián del metal espero que nos encontremos algún día Amigo para que montemos canciones, para llevar la tu filosofía y sabiduría a donde nunca a llegado antes me despido con un gran nudo en la garganta y si poder expresar muchas de las demás palabras que tengo en mi cabeza ... me despido nueva mente de ti asta pronto Amigo.
12/20/01 09:35:50 PM     12/20/01 08:30:23 PM  
Stefan from Romania   The Virginman
I can't find the words. I'm sorry you left so early. You will be missed, but you will always be with us as we listen to your great music. rest in peace, god of death metal.   Chuck- You made one of my dreams come true, just befriending me for a evening. Your music lives forever for us all to enjoy and your memory to me lives just as strong. I thank you metal brother- Brandon
12/20/01 09:32:38 PM     12/20/01 08:30:15 PM  
Patrick Herlihy   Nico
Although you will be missed, your music lives and will continue to be with us all. We're going to miss you.   There will be zero tolerance for the creator of our world. Voice of the soul we miss you! Rest in Peace Chuck Habe deine Musik und dein Können immer bewundert.
12/20/01 09:32:29 PM     12/20/01 08:25:18 PM  
Alex from Italy   Christopher Ward
Rest in peace,great musician and great man. You gave us the absolutely best death metal ever heard.I hope to see you in another world,you are the best. The deepest condolences to Chuck's family. Alex   What a shame that it seems the great ones seem to leave us much too soon! Chuck was a great one. A great singer, songwriter, musician and above all else just a deep person who really got it !!! It is with great pain in which I write this, but I will always and forever cherish every note and infinite genous that surrounded everything that Chuck did. We have all lost much more than a musician but a fellow brother. Remember that.
12/20/01 09:30:46 PM     12/20/01 08:24:59 PM  
Tara Ballensky   Rodrigo Escandon
I remember being in high school and going to The Showcase in San Antonio, TX for death metal shows. I've seen Death play there so many times (too many to count)! Chuck's passing came as a surprise to me and I'm sorry for the loss his family is feeling. I'll never forget those GREAT shows/music when I was a teenager. Thanks for the music, Chuck. You will be missed by all.   Thank you for your dedication, hard work and most importantly your music. May you rest in peace Chuck.
12/20/01 09:30:44 PM     12/20/01 08:24:26 PM  
I send my deepest condolences to Chuck Schuldiner's family, which I know he cherished very much. I don't have the words to make it better but I know he is now at peace. And let it not be a farewell but a see you soon. His music has affected me in a positive way for many years now and the lyrics he wrote made total sense to me and made me realize to carry on and never give up. As long as his music plays on he will always live through the heavy sounds he created with his instruments and his soul. Rest In Peace Chuck Schuldiner.   CHUCK,TA PLACE PARMI LES GRANDS DEMEURE, ET A CHAQUE FOIS QUE J'ECOUTE UN DE TES NOMBREUX ALBUMS,TON VISAGE M'APPARAITERA. SEE YOU ON THE OTHER SIDE!!!
12/20/01 09:29:08 PM     12/20/01 08:23:46 PM  
David Peterson   TJD(
I am really saddened by the death of Chuck. He was so young and had so much to give to the world. RIP Chuck.   Heavy metal never forgets!!!!!! RIP Chuck, even though you are gone, your music LIVES.
12/20/01 09:24:15 PM     12/20/01 08:23:28 PM  
hafizdyfectra   Jon Eardley
deepest condolences to the Schuldiners'...this goes out to the members of Death,past till present..u guys have been one of my few influences in my early days of music..chuck n u guys,Death,have always been great,album after that his gone,I'm sure u guys know what he wants to achieve in music carry on the legacy.i've read in one of the mag,few yrs back..he said about Death's new album,Symbolic..said something like this"if no one is going to hum the melodies on this album,I'm going to quit n open a restaurant"...seems to me that album was a success..still listening to it till now.get the picture...? to all the metal heads all over the world,do him a favor and make the metal scene proud..make good music,make good metal music.we r going to miss him.. from an all time follower hafizdyfectra Singapore   We all know how much Chuck meant to all of us, and he will always remain a part of all of our lives. My heart goes out to Chuck's family and friends, for I also lost my father to a similar brain tumor in 1995. Like John Lennon was to my father, Chuck "is" to me.
12/20/01 09:24:07 PM     12/20/01 08:22:39 PM  
Kelly   Cristian Carrasco R. (sueco) Arica - Chile
With too many Britney Spears in this world...What the hell you go away?! In Brazil we miss you. Saudades...   mis mas sinceras condolencias a la familia y amigos cercanos a Chuck. Realmente todavia no puedo creerlo, pero asi es la maldita ley de la vida. Gracias por entregarnos tu musica y tu talento a todos tus fanaticos Chuck! te recordaremos por siempre!!!!
12/20/01 09:21:02 PM     12/20/01 08:22:15 PM  
Janet   Floydian_Johns
R.I.P   Chuck, your influence is obvious. You gave it your all right up to the last. Your Music & Guitar skills will shine on & influence whole new generations for years to come. RIP Chuck, we love u
12/20/01 09:18:40 PM     12/20/01 08:21:13 PM  
Anonymous Surfer   Percy
chuck, i hope wherever you are now...your doin well and you will live on in your family, friends, and scene   Death was my earliest music revolutions.Their music will always remind me of my youth... Rest in peace Chuck.
12/20/01 09:18:30 PM     12/20/01 08:20:36 PM  
Paulo G.   Nacim
farewell my friend... your memory will always prevail. my condolences to the Schuldiner familly. may you Rest In Peace, brother.   hi chuck i'm vrey sad you're for me the best artist i have never known you've gave me many things to know about music and especially yours i hope that paradise is waiting for you i have always wish to see you face to face but unfornately ! good bye my friend your sincere admirator "nacim"
12/20/01 09:17:48 PM     12/20/01 08:19:23 PM  
Jez   Johnny-Czech Republic
I can't come up with anything that hasn't been said already.Some of us were so lucky to have met you and you will be sorely missed.Rest In Peace   Sad thing happend. I send condolences to Chuck´s family. Great musician left this world but his music will live forever.
12/20/01 09:16:28 PM     12/20/01 08:18:53 PM  
N/A...BX.NYC   Ramsey Alteria
WE ALL LOVE YOU CHUCK. YOUR LEGACY WILL REMAIN IN OUR METAL HEARTS. YOU ARE A GREAT "FATHER FIGURE" TO US. JASON WILL MISS YOU, WILFREDO WILL MISS YOU, ANTHONY WILL MISS YOU, TAINA WILL MISS YOU. WE WILL ALL MISS YOU   Chuck was a god among men. To his family and friends, know that though his body may have died, he lives on immortaly in the souls and minds of thousands.
12/20/01 09:16:05 PM     12/20/01 08:18:46 PM  
Benjamin Gonzalez   simon e.p.o.s.(greece)
Hail! To the family that bought a mastermind of death metal music to this world. and to chuck. for his steadfast work and talent.and courage. I admire his words. and they will not be forgotten. his music is a part of me... that is DeatH. i send to YOU the family... my deepest thoughts. no words can describe the loss you bare. thank you ... thank you chuck.i grew up listing to YOUR music. I speak on behalf of all your fans. we all will miss you dearly. I know I will... goodbye chuck... once again thank you. till we meet in another world.   hey chuck we still hear you!!!you rule in our hearts.we still hear your screamings in our in peace friend...
12/20/01 09:15:45 PM     12/20/01 08:18:41 PM  
THE KEEP   Karen Walton
Death is probably one of the most influential bands of death metal, and even though Chuck is gone they will continue to be one of if not the most influential bands in the history of heavy music. That's one hell of a mark to leave on the history of music.   The music will always live on!!! Hail Chuck!! All true metal heads will be reunited on the other side, and you will never be forgotten!! See you on the other side! Immortality is yours in the form of your exceptional music
12/20/01 09:14:58 PM     12/20/01 08:18:01 PM  
Ulfr   Dean Vincent
"Ashes to ashes, dust to dust" Rest in peace, we shall always listen to and remember the sound of your perseverance.   I never knew Chuck but feel privileged to have been able to enjoy his superb music. My sincere condolences to his family, friends and band members. Your impact on the music industry will never die.
12/20/01 09:14:42 PM     12/20/01 08:14:58 PM  
Jerry Silva   John Devadasan Perinbam
R.I.P.   The world has lost a musical genius. Ivory Knight extends our sincere condolences to Chuck's family. Rest in peace, Chuck.
12/20/01 09:14:04 PM     12/20/01 08:14:06 PM  
Kent and Faris, London   Otto Bichiashvili Georgia (not USA)
****************************************** *this power lies within the mind / gain wisdom* *through abilities / change what's to come in * *future time / avoiding pain and misery * * * *R.I.P. Chuck * ******************************************   Chuck your music is IMMORTAL!!!
12/20/01 09:13:15 PM     12/20/01 08:13:53 PM  
Fabio Duque Degani   Nick Wood
Chuck, congratulations for making the best metal ever. Your spirit will always be among us, rest in peace.   Best wishes to all the family, we are missing a gifted musician. God bless you Chuck
12/20/01 09:12:52 PM     12/20/01 08:13:28 PM  
blackfuneral   William Murray (Québec)
Sweet dreams Chuck!!! That the devil bless your soul!!!   Le monde du métal tremble depuis que tu es succombé, Chuck. J'ai la conviction que ton oeuvre est la preuve de ta grandeur d'âme. Tu seras à jamais un pilier qui a supporté à lui seul une cause entière. La tristesse que j'éprouve n'est rien face au respect que ta personne m'a inspirée. Ta marque restera gravée profondément en moi. Continuer à porter ton flambeau est une lourde tâche, mais le nous tenterons... Sois en paix Chuck.
12/20/01 09:10:46 PM     12/20/01 08:13:19 PM  
The music you have created has left the world in shock..and now we are all again in shock of the loss of such a great influence on the death metal genre. Im still not ready to accept the fact that your gone. Mostly cause your music with be with me and every one of your fans for eternity. Thank you Chuck for the music that you gave us! Youll always be remembered! Rest well friend.   Adios, Shuck, te extrañaremos mucho fuiste la gran influencia para muchas bandas, adoro tu disco "Simbolic" y por supuesto "spiritual Healing" te fuiste, pero quedaras por siempre en nuestros corazones. Siempre seras una leyenda en el maravilloso mundo del metal. paz a tu alma.
12/20/01 09:10:29 PM     12/20/01 08:09:26 PM  
Brian Ortiz   JILEMNICKY OKKULTISTA, Prague, Czech Rep.
It was a sad day when I heard of your passing. I admire your strength, your music, and your desire. I hope your happy, wherever you are. Apathy sends our condolences. We'll blaze a few for you, our brother in metal. R.I.P.   Thanx Chuck. RIP
12/20/01 09:10:03 PM     12/20/01 08:07:33 PM  
STAKY- Ankara,TURKEY   painolive
You started something good and different for my life.We had no chance to see you in this mortal world.U will live in our hearts.R.I.P.   terrible disaster that occured with that death. a great man and musician has disappeared, and so i give my support to his familly and friends for we all have lost one of the genuine one in metal: a creator that gives all to his art and passion. will always be remembered as so. hail
12/20/01 09:09:32 PM     12/20/01 08:06:14 PM  
Carlos (A Colombian from Chicago)   Alfredo Gonzalez - Tia Juana - Venezuela
RIP & GOD bless you. Thanks for all brother.   La verdad es que fue un trago bastante amargo al saber que Chuck murio... pero tristemente algun dia todos nos vamos, algunos se van mas rapido que otros y otros duran mas, gracias a Dios Chuck nos dejo este gran legado Musical! CHUCK VIVE POR SIEMPRE!!!
12/20/01 09:04:57 PM     12/20/01 08:03:47 PM  
Jester M@sk   erase
You will miss us Chuck, you were an icon, an inspiration, a hero for my friends and I.   Your music will live on. A true music talent.
12/20/01 09:04:47 PM     12/20/01 08:02:15 PM  
Bruno O.   Dreamsoul
Hey Chuck! I admire you as the biggest master of Death Metal on the planet! I will always admire you !   thanks for the tunes Chuck...RIP!
12/20/01 09:01:09 PM     12/20/01 08:01:09 PM  
Sebastian "Ulvsblakk"   stefan, stockholm,sweden
chuck...see you on a crystal mountain, in a zombie ritual where you will be without judgement of nothing !! see you forever...:( Master of Death !!   I will never forget you, Death is just the beginning.
12/20/01 09:00:00 PM     12/20/01 08:00:46 PM  
Morbid_Yde   Mercer
R.I.P You will always be remembered...   I want to send out my most heartfelt condolence to the Schuldiner family. Chuck's music and words meant so much to me. Unlike most of Chuck's fans I am an African American who grew up so many years ago in the projects of New Jersey. Chuck's writing ability won me over in such a big way all those years ago. When I heard Spiritual Healing I was hooked. Chuck's mastery of the guitar and words will live on in my heart forever. There will never be another like him!
12/20/01 08:58:08 PM     12/20/01 07:58:07 PM  
Paul mc guire   Naveed Bagheri
Chuck, i only started listening to death about 6 months ago, but in that 6 months i realised that they had become one of my favourite bands, and its pure tragedy that my newest idol had to meet his maker so soon. RIP CHUCK   In English: I cant say anything, I'm cryin'. just:
Only The Good Die Young
All the Evil seem to live forever
Only The Good Die Young
(Steve Harris, Bruce Dickinson) In Persian (Farsi): shayad kasi bavar nakone, amma vaghan man bozorgtarin ensaani ro az dast dadim ke dar aalam e music e metal zendegi va fa'aaliat mikard, ensaani ke besyaar bozorg bood, tahsilaat e falsafe dasht, va dar navakhtan e guitar besyaar khebre bood. dar soog e oo migeryeem. Chuck!vaghan dooostet daram, man ba music e to zendegi mikardam...
12/20/01 08:57:56 PM     12/20/01 07:56:56 PM  
Roger from La Paz - Bolivia   Scott Plymouth, England.
I´m Sorry, But tou lieve 4 ever in my sould   My condolences to Chuck's family. You should be proud of his achievements, and know that he brought great pleasure to people all over the world through his music. Goodbye to the creator of a genre, who remains unrivalled.
12/20/01 08:55:56 PM     12/20/01 07:53:28 PM  
Simone Manuli - Nightilium -   Babe Fat
thanks for your help in my life in my eyes you'll live forever goodbye great Chuck   I'ts a sad sad day in the world of Metal. We've lost one of the most talented skilled guitarist ever to grace this planet. I would just like to give thanks to Chuck where ever you are for showing me what true metal is.
12/20/01 08:54:55 PM     12/20/01 07:53:14 PM  
Maarten Praamstra   Gandolfo Ferro
I never had the opportunity to see you on stage. I wish I had. My thoughts are with your family and friends. Your music will inspires people for centuries to come. Chuck RIP   Hi Chuck! There are no words to explain the Emptiness i feel!!! "Your face is hiding deep inside my mind" You Will always be one of us!!! Goodbye Brother!!!
12/20/01 08:53:59 PM     12/20/01 07:49:56 PM  
Juan David Vargas (Colombia, Southamerica)   Graham Walker, Northern Ireland
Thanks for letting us enjoy your art. we will keep it in our hearts always. Even in heaven, you will still ruling the world of metal for ever. You were a perfect image of a sucsessfull artist.I'll Admire you every day. We will miss you. My condolences to all your family.   I deeply regret having to pen these words. Chuck gave me, and all Metal fans songs that inspired, excited and certainly STILL Rock! My sincere and heartfelt sympathy at the loss of a great musician and metal icon. peace
12/20/01 08:53:28 PM     12/20/01 07:48:00 PM  
werwolf   sana
words are empty... i don't think that they're sufficient. i never knew chuck. but i knew his music. and his music knew me. life in his music, his music in my life. can you imagine what it means growing up with this feeling? and now he's gone... but his music will always remain with me... with everyone...   "Inna lillahi wa inna ilaihi rajioune" hope we'll meet in the eternal life!
12/20/01 08:53:20 PM     12/20/01 07:46:03 PM  
Igor CUBRE   Rod, Sweden
I don't have enough words to express the pain we feel for your loss. I'm sure you will live forever with us with your intelligent, innovative and so creative music. R.I.P. brother   Chuck, Your pain is gone, it's deeply tragic it ended this way. Now the people that is left behind are bearing the pain. Thanks for all that you gave us. My condolences to your family and your friends and thanks to them for all their efforts. Sleep tight, Chuck R.I.P.
12/20/01 08:51:04 PM     12/20/01 07:45:10 PM  
Benoit Morris   Clinton Green, South Africa
Death. That word means a lot of things. To me, it does mean a very professional person and is band. Chuck has always been the ultimate leader of the metal scene, period. If you do not know what technical metal is, well, you've got to listen to a DEATH album. One of the guitar god's just passed away. The Jimi Hendrix of Death Metal. All my respect to the Schuldiner family, he was a leader.   CHUCK: I never know what to say about a soul that has passed on, but one thing i can say about you is that, even though i never met you personally, a gap will always be left in my life. You have inspired me as a guitarist, being a guitarist myself, and as a lyricist for many years, and now, more recently as a person, in your struggle against this horrible affliction. Chuck, we will miss you! The metal world has lost one of its greatest heroes! Your message and music will live on forever in the hearts and minds of your millions of fans around the world!! A TOUT LE MONDE A TOUT LES AMIS JE VOUS AIME JE VOIR PARTIR ...THESE ARE THE LAST WORDS ILL EVER SPEAK AND THEY'LL SET ME FREE!!! WE LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!
12/20/01 08:49:59 PM     12/20/01 07:43:42 PM  
Emil Dainov   Sapo
Chuck, you were the father, brother and god of the death-metall community in Bulgaria. We will miss you. I will miss you. YOU WILL BE NEVER FORGOTTEN NEVER NEVER   Le mie più sincere condoglianze per un grandissimo uomo e un grandissimo musicista che con le sue canzoni mi ha fatto apprezzare più che mai il death. La Sua scomparsa ha scritto una bruttissima pagina nel libro della musica. R.I.P Chuck
12/20/01 08:49:56 PM     12/20/01 07:43:22 PM  
Juan D. Carvajal   Aurelio Bulla
RIP Chuck,from Colombia my deepest sympathy to Shuldiner Family and Friends, you was a Master and now you are a God.   T'as la weá. Te venía conociendo. Ahora a escuchar una obra que queda cerrada.
12/20/01 08:47:56 PM     12/20/01 07:43:10 PM  
Rock'n Robert, Katowice, Poland   ANTONIO BOTAN
We all can't believe it, this can't be happening. Hope you're doing fine there, Chuck. Rest in peace, master! I know you're in heaven, we'll never forget you!   CHUCK WILL LIVE FOREVER IN OUR METAL HEARTS.GOD BLESS HIS SOUL.
12/20/01 08:46:43 PM     12/20/01 07:41:25 PM  
Jimmy Schultz   Vanja Filipovic
I can't believe you're gone. Your music was & is a big influence in my song writing.I lost my lead vocalist in April this year also and was finally coming to terms with his death and now it starts all over again. Chuck, you will always be in my thoughts. Until we meet again, rest in peace.   God Bless you Chuck, Your music and your words have changed my life forever. You will always be an insipartion to all of us.
12/20/01 08:46:23 PM     12/20/01 07:40:28 PM  
Bart³omiej Szymczak   nick
We suffer cause of the lost of the death metal father.   I guess you never really realize how much of an impact someone has until there time is up this applies with chuck too I mean look how many different ppl are signing this book sending there condolences you have ppl from all over the world saying how sad this chuck by far is a god to the music world and in the minds of many ppl he will never ever die and it should stay that way chuck will live on forever and ever in the hearts of everyone who he has influenced rip chuck
12/20/01 08:45:33 PM     12/20/01 07:39:33 PM  
Di Qual Maurizio   Bratosin "Gore- Hellcunt" George from Brasov, Transilvania, Romania.
Grazie.   Dear Chuck, I sit here and wonder how this could have happened. I was really shocked and I still am. It is a big loss for all Death Metal fans and not only. You will always be in my heart and even in my family's heart. I always admired you and I will too. A sincere condolence, a big fan of you. Rest in peace, Chuck. P.S. I've always considered you the father of Death Metal.
12/20/01 08:44:36 PM     12/20/01 07:38:48 PM  
Rabishu Dingir Xul   Bumut-Barýþ-Kumut-Yenal-Özgün
Hailz and salutes to Chuck Schuldiner R.I.P   Chuck sen bizi en etkileyen müzisyenlerin baþýnda gelmiþtin.Senin müziðini hayretler içinde yani nasýl bu kadar zeka dolu olduguna sasýrarak dýnlerdýk.We believed that the God was immortal but we don't believe anymore!!!Where is nothing is everthing and everything is nothing we know these are empty words!!
12/20/01 08:44:29 PM     12/20/01 07:38:41 PM  
Baþar Ünder   André (Brasil)
We'll never forget you...Never...   Minhas sinceras condolências à toda família Schuldiner. Para nós, verdadeiros fãs de Chuck, a música que ele deixou viverá para sempre dentro de nossos corações.
12/20/01 08:41:30 PM     12/20/01 07:38:24 PM  
David Mendoza -- US
GOOD BYE FATHER   "...And so we end this chapter... And let the stage lights fade..." As a a a member of the human race, I can safely say that we all lost something close to us when Chuck passed. We can only hope that wherever he is, he's reaping the accolades he so richly deserves. Thanks for giving me the soundtrack for the best years of my life. I'll see you soon enough, buddy. RIP
12/20/01 08:36:37 PM     12/20/01 07:36:34 PM  
WHEREVER WE GO,WHATEVER WE DO YOUR SHADOW IS NOT FAR BEHIND OUR STEPS AND OUR BRETH   This at least one of the saddest things that I have beed heard. I've got nothing to say, I am confused and deeply in sorrow but I know Chuck and his heritage will remain forever in the music that we are all about...
12/20/01 08:34:32 PM     12/20/01 07:36:12 PM  
Words are missing ... he was one of my major influence in music... it's a great lost for me. We will miss him .   Chuck,you' ve been fighting till the end. I' ve been always estimating you, for your way of living, for the music you gifted us with, and for having never given up. You left a big void inside me. "GOOD MUSIC, NOT RUMOR" forever. Goodbye, Rest in peace.

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EmptyWords-Published on April 11 2002